Saturday, November 18, 2017

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These days I find it rare to see unique concepts when it comes to music videos – or at least videos that capture the viewers attention and hits with emotion. James has just released a video for the song, ‘Moving On’ with stop animation featuring characters made out of yarn.

The video hits hard as the visuals are images of life and death.

Watch and tell me you don’t get a little choked up.


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Bacardi is hosting a cuban themed festival in the Distillery District July 4-6 that will feature salsa lessons, dancing, cocktail mixology, and music. To kick things off Bacardi hosted a launch party at Archeo which had the perfect setting with both an outdoor and indoor areas creating two unique spaces. 

The red carpet was rolled out along with media wall for photo ops leading into an open space which allowed party goers to see projected images on the surrounding walls. The was of course an open bar which featured rum inspired cocktails – the RUMHATTEN was my drink of choice.

To enhance the atmosphere even further, one could watch and pick up a Cuban style rolled cigar or sample some flank steak and succulent pork belly.

All in all everyone had a great time, the atmosphere was lively and joyful. Well done!

The festival will be taking over the Distillery district with booths, food, cocktails and more. If you are in Toronto this weekend, make this event on your calendar.

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Jay z and Beyonce continue to be a game changing mega couple by releasing a video trailer, except the only catch is there’s no movie. Participants in the clip are big name stars such as Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhall, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, directed by Melina Matsoukas.

The end message of the trailer is ‘COMING NEVER’ – meaning there is no movie.

However the clip is to gain interest for their upcoming tour – and the video has done just that. Just a week after a public blowout – this couple looks to be back on track.

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This one I admit, I am biased. New City Kings are a band that I’ve been fortunate to have worked with in the past when they were The Suburbians.

First off they are top notch guys and were great to work with, secondly they are one of the hardest working acts I have seen. They are focused and are going for the gold ring.

The band comprised of brothers MarK Kovic (vocals, guitar) & Ben Kovic (guitars) along with Charlie Roberts (bass) and Ben Nyari (drums) have improved leaps and bounds and are becoming a buzz act in the UK. They just have released a new video for the song, ‘How Long’, off of their EP ‘Change’ (available on iTunes).

Check it out and share – you won’t be disappointed plus you’ll be supporting an indie act that deserves to get some recognition.

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