Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Welcome to my latest project and blog!

I’ve been and am involved in a lot of different projects and have always wanted to share some of my experiences. If you’ve hung around me at any time I’m sure I’ve probably told a story or two…. or three.

I have had a very fortunate life that has consisted of bands, travel, food, festivals etc….

People talk about a bucket list and I have been working on mine since I got out of school.

I’ve been able to do the following and will be sharing stories from these experiences:

  • toured in a band around Alberta
  • done countless of jobs from HMV, video store, Restaurants, moving company, seed company, teaching….
  • travelled to Japan, Greece, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Amsterdam, Germany, Serbia, Budapest, The Caribbean, Mexico, parts of the US….and of course Canada.
  • festivals I’ve been to include the Palio (Siena), La Tomatina (Bunol, Spain), Calendimaggio (Assisi, Italy), Popkomm (Germany), SXSW, CMW, NXNE, Liverpool Soundcity, and an Ouzo festival in Greece…. plus others
  • I love food and I’m all about trying out new restaurants

Also I currently am the booker for The Rivoli and I run a couple of music festivals so I get to see a ton of bands! I’ll be posting reviews and comments as well.

On top of that I am very opinionated about a few things in life and will be posting blogs on some ramblings about my views….

The Words is the platform and the bones is the truth! I will be as honest as I can and I hope you drop by once in awhile.

Darryl Hurs

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These days I find it rare to see unique concepts when it comes to music videos – or at least videos that capture the viewers attention and hits with emotion. James has just released a video for the song, ‘Moving On’ with stop animation featuring characters made out of yarn.

The video hits hard as the visuals are images of life and death.

Watch and tell me you don’t get a little choked up.


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This one I admit, I am biased. New City Kings are a band that I’ve been fortunate to have worked with in the past when they were The Suburbians.

First off they are top notch guys and were great to work with, secondly they are one of the hardest working acts I have seen. They are focused and are going for the gold ring.

The band comprised of brothers MarK Kovic (vocals, guitar) & Ben Kovic (guitars) along with Charlie Roberts (bass) and Ben Nyari (drums) have improved leaps and bounds and are becoming a buzz act in the UK. They just have released a new video for the song, ‘How Long’, off of their EP ‘Change’ (available on iTunes).

Check it out and share – you won’t be disappointed plus you’ll be supporting an indie act that deserves to get some recognition.

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Spiderman Homecoming

Spiderman Homecoming picks up where the last instalment of the Avengers left off.

From what we see in the trailer, Peter Parker (Spiderman) is looking to join the Avengers while hanging out with Tony Stark who has made a new suit for Spidey. From one cut scene, this is the suit that has the focusing eyes.

The villain in this chapter is one of Spidey’s classic villains, The Vulture played by Michale Keaton. Marvel is holding back on giving us a lot of screen time with Keaton building up suspense as we all know Keaton will raise the bar and deliver us a villain that we will all love to hate.

One other item to note is that at the start of the trailer we see an insect – could this be The Wasp?

The tone in the trailer shows that Marvel is keeping with the light hearted Peter Parker instead of the brooding love sick one that ruthfully, was not really entertaining in previous incarnations.

Being a comic book kid growing up I will be looking forward to this one!


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Beer + Art + Music + DJ’s + Food…

How can anything be wrong with that??

I was invited to attend “The Alliance: Unity Makes Strength” event presented by Collective Arts Brewing & Fred Caron (artist and creative director of all art initiatives at Osheaga) at Location
Spazio Dell’arte Gallery 400 Eastern Avenue . Suite #201 Toronto , Ontario, Canada.



The concept is simple but brilliant – artists submit entries of their work to be selected to have their art as beer labels. Then have an event showcasing the art with the beer AND with food supplied by a local vendor (Hot Bunzz in this case) AND have DJ’s spinning for entertainment. A grand slam all around for bringing art to the forefront while throwing a great bash.

THE ARTISTS: Bryan BeyungLindsay Campbell, Mathieu Connery aka 500mJamie LawsonLabronaKathryn MacNaughtonPeru 143Jon Todd, WhatIsAdamBruno SmokyNimit MalaviaFred Caron

art-3 beer-and-art art-2 art-1


You can get the full rundown and more info here >> http://collectiveartsbrewing.com/events/collective-arts-presents-the-alliance-art-show/


Hanging with Artist and Spazio partner - Jason Mamone
Hanging with Artist and Spazio Dell Arte partner – Jason Mamone