Bangers n Mash at O’Shea’s Dublin

Bangers n Mash at O’Shea’s Dublin

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While in Dublin I have a few select spots for getting my Bangers n Mash fix. I truly love coming to Ireland and having this exact ¬†dish – it is my home away from home comfort food. Each pub has it’s own take on the traditional dish so it also is worth giving it a go at random.

This particular day I was walking around O’Connell st when the rain began to pour down – not unusual Irish weather. I hadn’t planned on eating yet but thought I might as well since the other option was stay outside and get soaked and chilled to the bone so I headed down Talbot street to one of my usual go to spots. I went in and grabbed a seat by the window already to order without seeing a menu – but alas…. I ended up waiting for about 20 minutes and no one seemed to be around to take an order. Usually the staff are great and pleasant – I took this as a sign and left.

I walked further down Talbot away from O’Connell thinking I might fare better away from the touristy area and find a true Irish pub. Sure enough on the corner waiting for me was O’Shea’s….. I walked in and the decor is very typical local pub. Nothing fancy, worn in… meaning character and comfy. Sports were blasting on all the big screens but that too is typical in Ireland. Seemed like a perfect setting.

I went to the bar and ordered Bangers n Mash, they had wifi so another bonus as I could do all me social catching up while waiting.

When the order arrived it looked amazing as far as bangers n mash go (sometimes it may look a bit unappealing but still amazing). There was a big portion and plenty of sauce/gravy. And yes they were soooo good. O’Shea’s has won me over and will be a new mainstay for me. Also to note! The price was very reasonable.

Overal I would give a 4/5.


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