Words n Bones is Launched!

Words n Bones is Launched!

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Welcome to my latest project and blog!

I’ve been and am involved in a lot of different projects and have always wanted to share some of my experiences. If you’ve hung around me at any time I’m sure I’ve probably told a story or two…. or three.

I have had a very fortunate life that has consisted of bands, travel, food, festivals etc….

People talk about a bucket list and I have been working on mine since I got out of school.

I’ve been able to do the following and will be sharing stories from these experiences:

  • toured in a band around Alberta
  • done countless of jobs from HMV, video store, Restaurants, moving company, seed company, teaching….
  • travelled to Japan, Greece, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Amsterdam, Germany, Serbia, Budapest, The Caribbean, Mexico, parts of the US….and of course Canada.
  • festivals I’ve been to include the Palio (Siena), La Tomatina (Bunol, Spain), Calendimaggio (Assisi, Italy), Popkomm (Germany), SXSW, CMW, NXNE, Liverpool Soundcity, and an Ouzo festival in Greece…. plus others
  • I love food and I’m all about trying out new restaurants

Also I currently am the booker for The Rivoli and I run a couple of music festivals so I get to see a ton of bands! I’ll be posting reviews and comments as well.

On top of that I am very opinionated about a few things in life and will be posting blogs on some ramblings about my views….

The Words is the platform and the bones is the truth! I will be as honest as I can and I hope you drop by once in awhile.

Darryl Hurs


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