DRINKS: The Liquor Rooms (Dublin)

DRINKS: The Liquor Rooms (Dublin)

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It was our last night hanging out in Dublin, Ireland – we had gone to the Guinness Storehouse (See Blog Post >>) during the day, took a break and then met back up at Ireland’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head. The Brazen Head was a great pub with a lot of character oozing from the walls covered in layers of old posters, flyers, money that tourists have pinned up and an assortment of various items. Great atmosphere! However as many pubs / bars in Ireland do…. they close early leaving you on the street questioning which direction to an welcoming watering hole.

We walked along the Liffey towards Temple Bar and we almost missed out on finding my new favourite spot in Dublin. The Liquor Rooms! There is no sign just an open door. We walked right on by, I saw a woman outside looking like she is there for a purpose so I asked her is there an open bar close by and what she is doing. It turned out she was working and the bar is downstairs. Sounded good for us.

We went down and first impressions were mixed – first it has an eclectic decor so you aren;t quite sure what kind of place you are in. Up Scale or sketchy? Also with most of the group being in a band, you get a sense on this place might be out of our range in budget.

The menu is indeed a bit pricey but we figured why not spend a bit on our last night and have some fun. Thankfully we did just that.

The menu is extensive to meet all tastes.

My first choice is an Old Fashioned – I had my first in Lake Louise and it was the best experience so having one brings me back to that moment. The bartenders are very easy to talk to and are willing to help match what you are feeling for with the perfect cocktail. They really do take care of every detail.

Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned

Another deceiving aspect is that the place is quite big – a couple of us decided to take a walk around and ended up almost getting lost in the maze of rooms – the bar in the back room has a great feature. You can buy a bottles worth of a cocktail mixed by a master mixer who signs and dates the bottle, seals it and then they hang it waiting for when you want to come in for a drink. Amazing – I will indeed do this next time I am there (and there will be a next time!)

Pre-mixed cocktails hanging in bottles
Pre-mixed cocktails hanging in bottles

the location is right next to The Clarence Hotel which is owned by U2 – the bartender said that Bono has been known to drop by for a drink or two.

I can’t recommend this place enough as in all of my travels I would rate this near the top for atmosphere and fine cocktails.

Check out the links below and tell me you don’t get a little bit thirsty.



Website: http://theliquorrooms.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheLiquorRooms

Instagram: http://instagram.com/theliquorrooms

ADDRESS: 7 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2


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