FOOD: Burger #2 @ Toma for Burger Week

FOOD: Burger #2 @ Toma for Burger Week

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I’ve heard good things about Toma and thought Burger Week is the perfect time to give it a try.

First off, Toma is one of the restaurants participating in the PayPal promotion of a FREE burger during Burger Week. If you haven’t already downloaded the app on your phone you will have to. The process is pretty easy – on your app you hit the shop button, find your location, then there should be a deal listed, once you click that there will be a pay option. By paying with the app, PayPal will refund you the amount – minus drinks / tips.

There was a bit of  line up when I got there and the hostess was taking names – I assumed for seating. She said it would be about a 5 -10 min wait.

About 20 minutes had gone by. I did see another guy who must have waited longer than me go up and ask for the open seat at the window. The hostess denied him. Then after 5 more minutes sat him alone at a table that seats 4. Made no sense. There was a table for two that was open and the customer told the hostess it made no sense for him to sit at a table for when it’s just him and he moved to accommodate others.

I had to ask the hostess about seating when I saw people who came after me getting seats. She too sat me at a table that seats 4 when I am by myself and there’s a lineup that was growing. I told her she could sit other with me but her reply was that it would confuse the servers.

So be it – more empty seats sat at other tables while the lineup was out the door and people were getting cranky. The staff just seemed flustered and overwhelmed, and the unfortunate side was that they seems to not even care and were pretty aloof when customers asked questions.

The burger finally arrived and over all it was ok but not great. Presentation was great though with the bun branded with a “T”.  The burger named The Wild Life consisted of Angus prime rib, truffle mayo, cremini mushrooms, double-smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, and balsamic glaze, on a homemade brioche bun.

Maybe the vibe threw things off but I hate to say I wouldn’t recommend going here for the week.

I do want to come back on a regular day as I have heard good things but not this week.







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