FOOD: Burger #3 @Hogtown Pub for Burger Week

FOOD: Burger #3 @Hogtown Pub for Burger Week

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Hogtown Pub is a local favourite of mine as it’s just down the street from my office. I’ve been here many times and the food has always been great. It was in fact 1 year ago that I made my first visit to Hogtown Pub during burger week. I met the owner who’s name is also Darryl (has to be a great guy with a name like that). Their burger has a twist as it is actually 2 Taquitos with a beef filling cooked like a burger with condiments on top. It’s a mixture of american and Mexican. The flavour of the condiments really comes through as they are on top, not inside. They can be a bit tricky to eat if the shell breaks apart so you have to be a bit attentive while eating. I would recommend trying it out as well as coming back and trying other items on the menu. Tuesdays are Taco night (hint hint).







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