MUSIC: The Hot Sprockets

MUSIC: The Hot Sprockets

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Rock it Like a Hot Sprocket!

Dublin’s buzz band, The Hot Sprockets are set to release their latest CD, Brother Nature, June 7 at The Button Factory.

I first saw the band a few years ago performing at the Sweeny’s Mongrel for Indie Week Ireland. It was one of those magical shows where it was jam packed, the fans were all in for every song and the band delivered a great performance. If you have been to SXSW and saw a band you knew was going to be big and you earned bragging rights that you saw them in a small club…. it was like that.

I had the pleasure to hang out with the band’s bassist, Tim Cullen, as he showed me around some great night spots including The Workman’s Club and a great whiskey bar called The Bison Bar. It’s become one of my stops every time I’m in Dublin.

Thoughout the night Tim was clear to point out that for this band the music comes first. It’s not about fame or fortune, it’s about the music. He stated how they were in no rush to rise to the top because they were confident that the music will get them there, even if it may be a longer, hard road by not playing the game but owning it. I commend them for that. Not many bands can take that stance and deliver. He talked about how they jam out the songs until they feel they are just right.


Fast forward to 2014 and the band is buzzing in Ireland as they have been featured in the countries main music mag, Hot Press and they are booked constantly for festivals. I was very fortunate to have had them play for Indie Week Ireland  in April and better yet, they will be coming to Toronto in October for Indie Week Canada as one of the headliners for our Irish showcase at The Hideout on Friday October  17.

The Hot Sprockets, photo by Graham Keogh /

Check out their videos below and follow the links for more information.






Soul Brother


Honey Skippin

Sleep Shake


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