Luck’s Hard – Ron Hawkins & the Do Good Assassins

Luck’s Hard – Ron Hawkins & the Do Good Assassins

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Luck’s Hard, the story of Ron Hawkins recording a double CD with his band ‘The Do Good Assasins’, had it’s world premier on Sat June 14, 2014 as part of the NXNE film festival at the Bloor Cinema.

Ron Hawkins has been on the Canadian music scene for over two decades and is probably best known as the frontman for the well respected band, Lowest of the Low. Although Lowest of the Low broke up in 1994, Ron hasn’t stopped working his career either as a solo artist or in his band The Rusty Nails. The Lowest of the Low reformed in 2000, released cd’s and toured until they broke up again in 2007. As a result, Ron started a new band called Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assasins (Jesse Capon – drums, Alex McMaster – cello/keys/trumpet, Derrick Brady – bass, Steve Singh – guitar) and began working on a new CD.

The film doesn’t hide anything and really captures the essence of  what being in a band in Canada and what trying to make ends meet is all about. Being in a band is hard and luck is even harder to come by. Yes Ron has had success in previous efforts but the grind is still there. The film follows the band to performances in Buffalo where they are very well received, to Toronto where they are still finding their foothold.



The band shares stories on how they formed and where they came from, how the songs came about and what they would like to achieve. Each member getting their share of screen time that shows their background and their role in the band. Guitarist Steve Singh is focus for a good part of the film as he has his own unique personality that translates well onto film including a health scare that ends up finding him in the hospital. I’ve known Steve for over a decade now, and recently was over to his studio, Steve just is a great guy with a wicked sense of humour and I can see how he brings life to the project. The film also highlights Steve’s passion for buying and selling guitars.

Following their was a Q&A with the band members, directors David Brown and Daniel Williams and festival programmer Cameron Carpenter, where Steve mentioned how he misses the days where songs were the focus.

There’s nothing like seeing a film about good old hard work, honesty, humility and courage surrounding an under dog that everyone wants to see come out on top. Luck’s Hard has that. Go see this film.





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