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StyleID launch party

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch party for an app called StyleID. A new Kitchener, Ont.-based startup co-founded by Sarah Juma and Rachel Nicole. It’s an app that allows the user to browse through TV show episodes, movies, and music videos, and then be able to click to find out where clothing and jewelry that is being worn by the stars is sold online. Basically finding out what’s being worn and then letting you find out how you too can look like a star.

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Currently the app can be downloaded for Android and Blackberry, iOS (Apple) will be coming soon.

The party, held at The SET on King st, Toronto, had a great turnout.  Attendees were able to test drive the app and learn about it’s features while enjoying a couple of complimentary beverages and some great food.

Also on hand was InvisiVision who are were demoing a way StyleID could work on TV. InvisiVision allows for two streams of content being displayed at once on a TV screen – without a special set of glasses, you see just a regular television screen, but wearing the special InvisiVision glasses allows the wearer to see an overlay of another stream of content. In the case of StyleID you can see the articles of clothing be shown in the episode you are watching and then be able to find out wear to purchase them as well. It’s a really cool technology which can have many uses including gaming.

The catering was proved by TOBEN, food by design,  and was some of the best I’ve had at these type of events. There was no shortage on samples to try as the food just kept coming and coming and everything was delicious.

A welcome surprise was to bump into performer Jesse Labelle , who I’ve booked shows with in the past. It was great to be able to catch up and to see him perform. He really has come along way and just recently opened for Blake Sheldon at the Calgary Stampede.

Jesse Labelle performing at the StyleID launch party
Jesse Labelle performing at the StyleID launch party

I think the app has great potential, they need to get the iPhone app out and get people using the app which is the hardest task. There is lots of room to grow by adding different uses, partnerships and options. I wish them all th best of luck – make sure you check out their website.



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