TV On the Radio : Wolf Like Me

TV On the Radio : Wolf Like Me

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Rather than posting about a new song or video, I am going to talk about a song and performance I thought really made it’s mark.

It was fairly late, I was almost asleep but I had Late Night with David Letterman on the TV and I had heard him say he was going to have a band on called, TV on the Radio. The name of the band was enough for me to stay up to heard what they sounded like.

When he introduced them he also mentioned the title of their latest CD, “Return to Cookie Mountain”. Ok now I had to hear them.

The band came on fierce and unrelenting. Often you see bands play songs that are “safe”. TV’s “Wolf Like Me” is far from. I mean when you can get away with lyrics such as ” got to bust that box, got to gut that fish”, you have something going for you.

The band reminded me of how I felt when I first saw another favourite band, Faith No More. The band members look a bit rag and mismatched but it works and makes it more intriguing.

Singer Tunde Adembimpe looks like just a regular guy but his lyrics make you wonder what he is saying – also pulling you in. I had to look up the lyrics and you have to respect a vocalist that call pull off “got to bust that box, got to gut that fish”. Guitarist David Sitek plays with screeching but controlled feedback, the bassist, Gerard Smith (RIP) plays with his back to the audience the whole song. Kyp Malone (guitarist) with wild hair but wearing a dress shirt and tie seems out of place but his performance is brilliant. At one point he seems to have more energy than his body can contain – but around two thirds of the performance he has a smile on his face hinting at knowing just how much they are killing it.¬†You could tell David also was impressed.

I was an instant fan and consider this one of the great performances that shows how much a one off TV performance can help launch a career.

The album, “Return to Cookie Mountain” went on to be SPIN Magazine’s album of the year. Also to note, the band had caught the attention of music icon, David Bowie, who appears on the album. That says something.

The band brought hope to where indie music was heading. Other tracks don’t sound similar which shows the bands diversity and willingness to explore boundaries (also similar to Faith No More).

Hit play and crank it.

Tav On The Radio : Wolf Like Me (Official Video)


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