About Me

About Me

I’m not one to say much about myself as I would rather just do stuff…….fun and cool stuff…

Over time I have been involved with many cool projects, I’ve travelled a lot, I’ve had a lot of different types of food and so on. I am very fortunate for all I have seen and done.

Currently I own and run Indie Week (Canada + Europe), I book all the nights at Toronto’s legendary event venue The Rivoli, and I also freelance doing graphics design (clients lately have been Live Nation, Bacardi, Gibson Guitar, and Mill Street Brewery). I’ve also been starting to get work in social media. It’s quite the mixed bag and for most people – it would be hard to keep up!

And now a blog!!!

I just heave been feeling that with all the stuff I’m doing I might as well share some of it. Either some things I’ve done in the past or what I am currently up to. I have a lot of stories to tell and thought a blog is the best platform.

Why Words n Bones?

Well on here I am going to give up the truth – ugly n pretty but regardless the truth.

Words: the method of getting the message out through upbeat and an often attempt at being humorous while keeping it real.

Bones: A lot of food will be posted here and I’m no vegetarian – I have nothing against it but I do love meat and especially a good BBQ! Plus on the blog part I hope to give honest opinion based content – it might get ugly at times.

Anyway if you made it this far – I thank you and I hope you follow me through my journey through life and hopefully you can keep up.



Darryl Hurs




  1. Love It! You are so busy how do you find the time. Anyways its about time you wrote about your adventures, you have so many interesting things happening.

    • Hey Ben!! Hope all is well! It really doesn’t take a lot of time, I found that starting was the hard part. I had been wanting to do this for a couple of years and circumstances lately just made me want to just do it. Now it’s full steam ahead – trying to do one at least one post a day.

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